Just went Running

17 mai, 2013

Trying to lose some weight, I thought I’d share the progress with you guys, with of course a little peek at my boobs!

TGIF! I know this is going to be a gooooood weekend!

Ok just because you asked Nicely, i am posting a little more, let see how that goes…

Well time for me to get my revenge ! ahahah! Bitch cheating on me and I wanted to expose her.
I sure miss her huge tits, I used to cum on them all the fucking time, her pussy was alright, little fat but was wet and tight every time.
He name is Trina by the way, and she’s from Charleston SC, I have more pictures if interested, let me know .
I like the new design of the site by the way, but what happened to all the comments?

My Ass…

29 avril, 2013

… is better than the last one !!! :)
What you think guys ?