You seem to like my self pictures so much, I decided to make you a little video. Rubbing lotion on my chest is always fun before I go to bed ^^
I will of course make more if there is an interest, thanks again :)

First time posting!

15 août, 2013

Should I take more pictures? Just be Honnest!

More self shot, me again

30 juillet, 2013

I keep telling myself I won’t come back and I will stop posting.
But I can’t seem to stay away, I think I am addicted to your comments boys…
You know how I roll, 15 comments and I will post the rest of the self shot album! Kisses ^^

Added more pictures today (August 14,2013)
Here is the rest of the pictures as promised

Maybe you would like to see more about… ;)
dances4dollar sexy dress

Just wake up…

22 avril, 2013

Have a good day !