This new fun lingerie make me happy !

More self shot, me again

30 juillet, 2013

I keep telling myself I won’t come back and I will stop posting.
But I can’t seem to stay away, I think I am addicted to your comments boys…
You know how I roll, 15 comments and I will post the rest of the self shot album! Kisses ^^

Added more pictures today (August 14,2013)
Here is the rest of the pictures as promised

I like this !

9 juillet, 2013

I like beautiful lingerie and sexy stockings !!
but i have many many kind of clothes (too much sexyyy !!)

Blue today…

3 juillet, 2013

Blue or nothing ? :p
margarineface naked

Undressing Room!!

7 juin, 2013

I received some clothing ON requests, so i figured this was a perfect setting.

Ready to start in doggy !!

Here is a little updated, I hope you guys are not mad at me for being late, Kinda got busy over here!

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