Hey It’s Nina

4 juin, 2014

Hope you Fuckers didn’t miss me too much, did you?

Yep, it’s Nina! What are you guys been up to?
Can’t wait to read your comments and see what’s new… is Lobster still around?

First time posting!

15 août, 2013

Should I take more pictures? Just be Honnest!

What do you guys think? Cute dress no? I hope leeroy9000jenkins likes the rest of the pics, will send naughtier ones this week for sure!

Undressing Room!!

7 juin, 2013

I received some clothing ON requests, so i figured this was a perfect setting.

Pre shower fun

3 juin, 2013

What do you guys think? Should I show more face and less ass on the next gallery?

Just went Running

17 mai, 2013

Trying to lose some weight, I thought I’d share the progress with you guys, with of course a little peek at my boobs!